Did you know that you have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression?
Are you projecting the right image?

Deportment is how you behave and present yourself to your best advantage. How you present yourself to the world influences the way people react to you. Being courteous, well-dressed and soft-spoken shows excellent deportment. People say you can’t judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t judge by appearances, but how you present yourself – your deportment – matters.

The reality is that image counts, but it has to be supported by substance. If you have substance to back yourself up, projecting the right image will help you achieve your goals. What do you believe people think about you? Self-image may consist of three types:

  1. How you see yourself?
  2. How others see you?
  3. How you perceive others see you?

Image impacts not only on how others perceive you but also how you perceive yourself. Learn how to dress for success. The old adage still holds true, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. How you look, speak, dress, and carry yourself is all part of deportment or professional demeanour.

Our Image Consulting training, workshop and consulting services will help you to learn how to develop communication strategies for impact and influence to your audience.

Professional services for men and women will include and it will not be limited to the following:

Corporate and personal grooming.

— Etiquette consultation.

— First impression, deportment and presentation.

— Image and colour analysis.

— Personal and professional image development.

— Styling and makeover.

— Wardrobe consultation and audit.

— Personal shopper.