Conversational English

Conversational English is the foundation of oral communication. It is informal. It is basic listening and speaking skills.

How can you get better at Conversational English?

— Learn real English.

— Listen to native speakers of English.

— Practice makes perfect.

Learn how to transform basic and casual Conversational English into more appropriate Business English.

Business English

Business English is the English you need to conduct business professionally. It is more formal.

It is the communication skills that most people need to be able to do their jobs well.

Learn the world’s business language to improve every aspect of your English to communicate better in the workplace.

Our Conversational and Business English training and workshop will help you with these specific areas:

— English listening skills.

— English speaking skills.

— English writing skills.

— Writing emails and reports.

— Making presentations.

— Doing negotiations.

— Using the telephone.

— Participating in meetings and conferences.